Garaaga's Children: Marker-Part One

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Marker: Part One. Live reading from Balticon 46 (2012). Yes, you may have heard this before, but I edited out all the whooping and hollering from the fiendlings. So perhaps your brains will be spared. Then again, perhaps not...


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Tattoo--New Cover Design

New Tattoo Ebook Cover

Ask anyone who's read and listened to my work, and they'll probably tell you Tattoo was the gateway drug into my fictional worlds. There's a reason for that. It's a quick, nasty ride that rushes through your blood like adrenalin and leaves you gasping.

Since Tattoo was first podcast, I have put out volumes of other stories, but it still remains a fan favorite, as well as one of mine.

This is actually the third cover attempt for the story. I once again put my work in the capable hands of Starla Huchton to make it right. This is the result.

EBook covers are much like the paperback covers of old--they tend to be more important than the words contained within. Great writers can create great worlds, great words, and still manage to sell absolute squat if they have a crap cover. Here's hoping the new cover grabs more folks and inducts them into my worlds, for better or worse.


Essay-- Enter Tony Downs

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A few thoughts about Tony Downs and my most recent e-book releases "The Hunt" and "After Image".

The ebooks are available from Amazon, Smashwords, and

The Hunt:

After Image:

Music by Nine Nails from their album "The Slip." Please visit their site at

Tattoo! For Sale Now on

Yes, it's true.  Help me celebrate my first "for-pay" work out there on the net by going to and getting yourself a copy of my novella "Tattoo."  Dont want to pay for it?  Understood.  But if you listened to it, please give it a rating and a review up there.  The more ratings and reviews it gets, the more likely I am to attract new listeners/readers to my work.  The more the merrier as they say.  And trust me, I need the cash!  Thanks for you help.  Cheers.

Parsec Award Nomination--Yeah, WE ROCK!

If you didn't hear over twitter or Facebook, Tattoo has been nominated for a Parsec Award.  I don't know if I'll make the short list, but I'm very honored, and damned excited.  This is the first step in my plan to thwart Scott Sigler's World Domination by taking as many souls as possible.

Thank all of you for submitting me.  The response must have been pretty amazing to get through the first phase this fast, and I can only say:  YOU ROCK!  Thank you again.  Thank you thank you thank you thank you...

Tattoo--Parsec Award Nomination Excerpts

Because of you, the listener, I have been nominated for a parsec award.

The Parsec committee wants up to 30 minutes of excerpts to peruse for the nomination.  Therefore, I would like you great and wonderful fiendlings to suggest some excerpts from the book to include.

I'll post the excerpt list in this topic that I'm going to use:

  1. The FiendMaster Prologue
  2. Episode 1-- Description of how Jackson found the fiendmaster cast and the first descriptions of the Tattoo murder photos


Tattoo Review!

My novella, Tattoo, was reviewed over at View From Valhalla.  I'm very glad Odin enjoyed it.  Go check it out and take a look at his other reviews. He's doing a great job of covering the podio-fiction sphere.

Tattoo-- Trade Paperback copy available at auction!

That's right, Fiendlings.  Want your very own, autographed, signed and numbered copy of Tattoo?  Well, join the auction at and bid on it.  Please check out for information about this great cause.  I am proud to be part of it and can't wait to sign and personalize number "1" of only four copies printed.  Let me know if you want additional details or have questions about the item in question.


I cannot sell "Tattoo" until I get new cover art for the book.  So if you're willing to, um, take some pictures of tattoos or do some artwork for me, I could actually start selling this puppy.

Cheers, and good luck at the auction!

Valentine's Day Massacre: Day 1: Tattoo Q&A

Here you are, my fiendlings.  We kick off Day 1 of the Valentine's Day Massacre Weekend with, finally, the Tattoo Q&A show.  It's WAY overdue and I apologize for it.

This was recorded in the living room of my good friend Brett Cullum.  Please enjoy it and if there's anything I failed to cover, well, tough shit, you should have sent in your questions.


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Fiends--Tattoo-Episode 7

This is it. The end of the story. The end of the line. So, my fiendlings, please enjoy. Leave comments here for the postshow. Enjoy.




Written and performed by Paul Elard Cooley featuring the voice talents of Andrew Richardson. You can find Mr. Richardson's podcasts and music at:

This presentation is copyright 2009 by Paul Elard Cooley.

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Tattoo Wrap up show

Yo, Fiendlings.  Post your comments and questions here about Tattoo.  I'll include them in the wrapup show!

Tattoo--New and Notable on iTunes

Today is one of those days I really didn't think would ever happen.  One of my listeners, Chris Moody, alerted me to the fact that "Tattoo" is now on the "New and Notable" list at iTunes for literature podcasts.  If it wasn't so early in the morning, I'd be drinking.  It's just that simple.  I thank all of you for your support and for listening.

Infocast! 10-14-2009 Updates and Pimpin'

Yup, here it is, this week's infocast.  Covers what's up in my life as well as some hardcore pimping for JC Hutchins and Seth Harwood.

Links in this episode:

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Fiends--Tattoo-Episode 6

Yup, it's that time again... Tattoo, Episode 6. Listen, enjoy, and leave comments...

Promos included in this episode:


That's right, folks.  "Tattoo" is now live on  If you've never visited, I invite you to go there and subscribe to other books.  This is a big day for me, folks.  Thanks for your great support.  And, as always, thanks for listening.



Fiends--Tattoo-Episode 5

Oh, yeah, my fiendlings.  Episode 5, good and early.  It's a short one (only 15 mins or so) but the last two will kick your ass.  As always, leave comments.  Enjoy...

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Consequences of the Matt Wallace/Scott Sigler Collaboration First Reports HERE!

Well, Scott Sigler called me a jackass.  Matt F'n Wallace was pissed because he now has yet another project to finish.  And, well, the junkie nation has gone out of its way to spread the word and take potshots at both my gumption for doing it and my stupidity for same.


But here is the ultimate consequence--getting immortalized by Thomas R Reed.  This junkie created a bitstrip that details my impending doom.



Fiends--Tattoo-Episode 4

Tattoo Episode 4. The intro contains information about the Scott Sigler Tailgate Tour. Infocast to come later... Links:

  1. Scott Mofo Sigler
  2. Lark Neville Interviews me

Fiends--Tattoo-Episode 3

You bitched. You complained. You cajoled. You demanded. And the FiendMaster made me do it. So here it is, you bitches. Episode 3.

Fiends--Tattoo-Episode 2's episode 2. Many of you have been pestering me on twitter and facebook as to when this episode was going to drop. Therefore, because I am a kind and merciful FiendMaster (yeah, right) I'm dropping it a day early. In addition, you'll get some more content this week. Don't you love me? Enjoy...


Just a quick little nod to those who support I'll have another one of these out in the near future to get to all my tweet and facebook folks. Next episode of Tattoo out on Monday!


Fiends--Tattoo--Episode 1

After weeks and weeks and weeks of writing, editing, recording, re-recording and mixing, I present to you the first episode of Tattoo. Enjoy. Please leave comments in the forums or attached to the Tattoo topic. Suggestions, complaints and death threats are all are kind words.


Beware, the beginning of Tattoo...

Copyright 2009 Paul Elard Cooley

Fiends: "Tattoo" Novella Promo

I've been tinkering with this promo for a while, and I think I finally have to liberate it. Please grab, torture friends with and get excited. I think this story is badass and it's coming to an mp3 player near you real soon...


Tattoo--The Next Nightmare

I have heard from other writers that sometimes magic happens. So I know I'm not the only to have experienced this. "Tattoo", being released in September, is one of those stories. After I wrote and produced "Canvas" (next week's tale), one of my listeners told me a story over Twitter that gave me an idea for a Fiend. However, when I tried to tell the original story I had in mind, it didn't go anywhere. So I wrote and rewrote the same 1k words over and over again, and every time, it got worse. I finally threw it away completely and started with a clean slate. Rather than attempting to make the visceral side of the tale the focus, I went back and started from a different angle. What happened was a crazed caffeine, alcohol induced marathon that occurred over 7 days. About 22k words in that space of time, several thousand of which are in data heaven due to their lack of importance to the story. The story took off like a rocket. I really enjoyed the moments I spent researching different aspects of scars and tattoos and medical procedures. Every time I was lost for an idea, I let wikipedia tease ideas out of my strained brain. The last 4k words of Tattoo streamed out like an angry river. A flash flood of tactile visions that made me squirm in my chair. The main character brought me to a place I'd never even thought of. And. It. Just. Happened. No planning on my part. Just a tsunami of words, thoughts, and visions that tortured my fingers in a non-stop rampage of keystrokes. This is when writing is its most fun. When a story grabs me this way, it usually means it's going to end up being tight and good. Something at least I'll be proud of, even if people don't like it. So I look forward to recording it for you and putting out the pdf versions of the chapters (followed by the epub once it's complete). I believe it will take all of September and the begining of October to finish telling the tale. After that, "Necroshine" will drop on Halloween (at least that's the plan). I'll be putting out a promo for Tattoo this evening in the feed and begin making the email rounds. Please share. Please talk. And get excited. This is the best story yet. Cheers.
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