The Fiendmaster on the Hollywood Outsider

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The folks at The Hollywood Outsider made the mistake of inviting me on their show to discuss horror movies and the industry. Also, monster mash!

Couch Surfing with John Pavlich

For your friday pleasure, I'm including the link to the Sofa Dogs podcast.  John Pavlich and I babbled incessantly about horror movies, both good and bad, discussed the nature of horror, the definitions of "torture porn" and all things Halloweeny.  It's a long cast, folks.  Enjoy!

Thanks so much, John, for having me on the show!

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Horror Creature BBQ? Fresh Sushi?

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Okay, so I have to write this. Richard Cartwright on twitter wondered aloud if a certain creature from Scott Sigler's Ancestor would BBQ well. This got me to thinking: what horror movie monsters would be the most fun to consume? What would be the worst? In no particular order, here's my take.

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