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Tony Downs--The Hunt-3

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It's day 4 of Fiendmas. Which means it's time for Episode 3 of "The Hunt."

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Music by Nine Inch Nails from the album Ghosts. Please visit their site.

Additional voices by Veronica Giguere.

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Tony Downs--The Hunt-2

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Music by Kevin MacLeod (

Additional voices by Veronica Giguere.

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Essay-- Enter Tony Downs

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A few thoughts about Tony Downs and my most recent e-book releases "The Hunt" and "After Image".

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The Hunt:

After Image:

Music by Nine Nails from their album "The Slip." Please visit their site at

Tony Downs--The Hunt

Searching, letting my mind go out and feel everyone. I found some I would like to have been friends with, maybe even a possible lover or two. But the rest. . . The rest weren't that much different from him. And he was the reason I was there instead of at school studying for my last two finals. I felt him walk through the door while I was in the mind of a guy on the dance floor, his thoughts swirling in an acid induced haze. Through the corner of the stoned dancer's eyes I caught a glimpse of Mikey. Oh, Mikey. He looked so cool in his black motorcycle jacket, slogans in red and blue paint marking it like a bulletin board. The portrait of Dante's Inferno screamed merrily off his back in white and red lines. He didn't paint it. I knew that the moment he walked in the bar. Rachel painted it. Poor Rachel, I thought with a chuckle. Fighting the urge to peer inside him, I wondered just what he thought of Rachel's little "accident." God, I hoped it had had the desired effect. I know the cops liked it.

Tony is out for vengeance, looking for those who killed a loved one. As he travels Houston tracking those responsible, he uncovers a conspiracy and a formidable enemy...

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