"Bitch? Shut up! Puppets Be Talkin'!"

What happens when you turn 40? Well, lots of craziness, actually. Friends you've had for years turn up to tell you how fucking old you are. Instead of commiserating with you, they make jokes and buy you more and more drinks. Last night, they definitely tried to kill me by feeding me way too many shots of alcohol. I believe they were attempting to ensure I wouldn't make it to 41. I digress. My good friend Brent, the b-man, my hetero life-mate, brought the most wicked gifts to the party. Absolutely hellacool. He is a big fan of my story "Stuffing" and thought he would honor it and my 40 by giving me two new mascots for the FiendCave. I present to you: "Bust a cap in yo ass Elmo" and "Cookiemonster OD Playset".

Once again, this proves I have the most awesome friends and fans in the world. Thank you, BMan, this fucking rocked. Cheers.

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