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The Dead Robots Society: Charlie Brown From Dirty Magik to Transmedia

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We talk about Charlie Brown's anthology "Dirty Magik" and the possible future of Transmedia projects.

The Dead Robots' Society--Robots on Inspiration Point

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This week, the other Robots and I discuss what inspires our writing and a little hint of where we get our ideas and WHY we write.

The Dead Robots' Society--Free Podcast or Paid Audiobook

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This week, Terry and I discuss what it takes to podcast your fiction as well as create audiobooks for sale. Not only that, but how to make the choice between the two.

The Dead Robots' Society--Kill Em All

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This week the robots discuss the topic of killing off characters. Whether they’re primary or a bit player, characters are going to die, but the real questions are when, why, and is it a good idea? We hope you enjoy the conversation.

DRS Episode 239 – Déjà Vu All Over Again With Recurring Characters

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Terry Mixon and I talk about writing serial fiction and how to carry characters and plots through many books.

The Dead Robots' Society--When Get Up and Go Got Up And Went

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Yes, another episode of The Dead Robots'. Want to know how we deal with getting ourselves to write? Take a listen. Enjoy!

The Dead Robots' Society--The Writing Process

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Well, it's that time again. I was on The Dead Robots' Society again and we talked about the writing process.


Dead Robots' Society-- Soup to Nuts

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Once again, I was on the Dead Robots' Society. Take a listen and peek behind the curtain at how 3 different writers create,edit, and finish up their work.

The FiendMaster on the Dead Robots Society

Well, it's happened again. The Dead Robots Society made the mistake of having me on as a guest. And as expected, nothing good came from it.

Thank you for having me on, folks!

DRSPodcast hosts Jake Bible and the FiendMaster for a talk on HORROR!

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The Dead Robots' Society invited Jake Bible and I to join a discussion regarding writing horror and the definition of horror.  We had a great time.  Take a listen and enjoy!

The FiendMaster on The Dead Robots' Society

Yes, the FiendMaster was on The Dead Robots' Society podcast talking about writing and why his brain is so jacked up.  Thank you to Terry, Justin, and Ryan for having me on.  Enjoy, fiendlings! 


Please check out The Dead Robots' Society for great discussions about writing, editing, publishing, and general mayhem.

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