Infocast--2013-01-19-Plans for the year

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Short update on my plans for the year...

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Infocast--2012-08-22--Scrolls Release!

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August 30th 2012, Scrolls, the fourth book in the Garaaga's Children series goes on-sale at,,, and On August 30th, visit to find the links to purchase the audiobook or the ebook.



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A short explanation of how recent events have affected some book plans...


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Garaaga's Children: Volume 1 is at an end...for now...


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Just a quick update on things before the GC release this sunday.

Video Infocast: 2011-03-28

That's right, fiendlings. I got my ugly mug in front of the camera to say a few words to ya. Download now

The FiendMaster State of the FiendDom Address

My Fiendlings: Please join me for the FiendMaster State of the FiendDom Address, including a rebuttal from Big Publishing.

FiendMaster Minutes

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The FiendMaster has a few thoughts he'd like to share.  Someone please save me!

INFOCAST--2010-06-24: Just a general Wuzzup

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INFOCAST 2010-02-18: Closet Treats and Pimpage

Real quick update on what's going and the schedule for the book.  Also, a plea for Fiendling action.

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Infocast 12-17-2009: Closet Treats and Xmas Holiday Pimpin

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Hello, my wonderful fiendlings.  Are you ready for the holidays?

It's December 17th, a cool and crappy day in Houston.  The sky is slate, the humidity is 95%, and it doesn't look like it's going to clear anytime soon.  The great thing about that is:  it makes me want to write.

I'm taking a quick break from working on "Closet Treats" to get this quick infocast out.  It occurred to me this weekend that I've been FAR too silent FAR too long and I wanted to assure you I haven't podfaded.

So some quick notes on what's up with me, and then I'm going to put on my pink fuzzy hat and start some serious pimping.

Infocast! 12-02-2009: Updates and Brief Review of "Martyrs"

Quick update on the state of things and a short review of the French Film "Martyrs".

Infocast! 10-14-2009 Updates and Pimpin'

Yup, here it is, this week's infocast.  Covers what's up in my life as well as some hardcore pimping for JC Hutchins and Seth Harwood.

Links in this episode:

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INFOCAST: October is here, bitches!


It's October, folks.  That means horror horror horror.

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