Interview--Get Published--Horror Comes to Get Published

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The FiendMaster joined Michell Plested's excellent show "Get Published"  to discuss horor with Scott Roche and Jake Bible. It was a doozy. Thanks to all for having me on and the great conversation.

Interview--Confabule And The 3000 Weeks Project

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I sat down with my friends Robert Stikmanz and Amanda Kimmerly to discuss Confabule and the 3000 Weeks Project. Rob and Amanda are creators of great fiction, poetry, and music and are probably the most artistic folks I know. In addition, they have created a new language both in speech and writing. "Dvarsh" is the key language of Rob's fantastic world chronicled in his novels.

I contiributed my new Fiends' tale, "Mimes," to the project and hope you will donate.


The FiendMaster gets Interviewed By Scott Pond

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Good friend of the show, Scott Pond, interviewed me at Balticon in May 2012. He asked some damned good questions and I think I might have even managed some salient answers. Give a listen and go show Scott some love.

Thanks to Scott for letting me link to his feed and for giving me the opportunity to further expand my already bloated ego.

The FiendMaster on "Get Published"

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Michell Plested was kind enough to invite me on his "Get Published" podcast to babble about writing, publishing, and the state of things in the Fienddom.

Thanks for the opportunity to come on your show and incoherently ramble.

Interview--Dan Sawyer-2012-04-02

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J Daniel Sawyer was kind enough to chat with me. If you don't know him, you better change that.

You can find his work at

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The FiendMaster on the Dead Robots Society

Well, it's happened again. The Dead Robots Society made the mistake of having me on as a guest. And as expected, nothing good came from it.

Thank you for having me on, folks!

FiendMaster on Vertigo Radio Live

I'm a bad FiendMaster. Vertigo Radio Live invited me on their show and I forgot to post the audio file here. Here's the raw audio file of just the interview portion but I highly suggest you go check out the full episode here.

Interview with Scott Sigler

The FDØ deigned to speak with me from the CoffeeShop of DØØM.  The audio quality might be less than stellar, but I believe the interview went great.  Really enjoyed talking to Scott and you should make sure you go support Ancestor when it comes out on June 22nd.

Make sure you listen to the promo at the end of the episode.



Interview with John Mierau and Jake Bible

My good friend John Mierau asked Jake Bible and I to join him for a talk regarding podcasting, our terrible use of language, the publishing industry, and all sorts of other good things.  The FiendMaster, of course, accepted solely so he could make Jake Bible look like a tool.  The FiendMaster succeeded brilliantly.  Well, not really.  I'm very proud to have been invited to speak with those two talents and I think it turned out pretty well.  Jake and John are fantastic people and I can't wait to talk with them again.  Enjoy it, Fiendlings! 

Couch Surfing with John Pavlich Part 2

Here it is, folks.  Part 2 of the Couch Surfing podcast I did with John Pavlich.  Thanks again, John, for having me on.

Couch Surfing with John Pavlich

For your friday pleasure, I'm including the link to the Sofa Dogs podcast.  John Pavlich and I babbled incessantly about horror movies, both good and bad, discussed the nature of horror, the definitions of "torture porn" and all things Halloweeny.  It's a long cast, folks.  Enjoy!

Thanks so much, John, for having me on the show!

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INTERVIEW: Podioracket!

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Rhonda Carpenter from Podioracket interviewed me back when Tattoo was first released on Podiobooks.comHear me babble incessantly and incoherently here.


Thanks to Rhonda and Podioracket for the opportunity!

Interview with Lark Neville

My dear friend, Lark Neville, sent me questionnaire document for an interview. She asked a lot of really great questions and I answered them as honestly as I could. The results are available on her blog. Thank you, Madame Neville, for giving me the opportunity to babble incessantly. You've been a great inspiration to me and a great friend. Cheers.

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