The Graveyard

Donations to may result in your DEATH!




The following persons have become fiends or characters in one of the stories by donating to
  • Frank Pons Matal (he goes by Pons, dammit)
  • Dick Dickerson (yes, he's a DICK!) (Closet Trests)
  • Trey Broussard (Closet Treats)
  • Scott E Pond (Deep Fried)
  • Chris Bowsman (Deep Fried)
  • Arioch Morningstar (Deep Fried)
  • Troy Tanzer (Deep Fried)
  • Anthony Epp (@beanchef) (Deep Fried)
  • John Archer (as Jared Archer) (The Rider)
  • Rob Stikmanz (The Rider)
  • Emyliza Aninzo Wong (Flames)
  • Thomas Novak (Flames)
  • Jenny Melzer (Flames)
  • Don Hardy (Flames)
  • Amanda Sulzbach (Coven)
  • Nicole Bubear (Coven)
  • John Vizcarra (Igloch)
  • Linton Bowers (Igloch)
  • Stephanie Harvey (Igloch)  
  • Bryan James (igloch)
  • Michael Wilet (Igloch)


The Dead

Paul Elard Cooley and The FiendMaster have killed the following people in Tattoo for donating money to
  • Thomas Reed
  • Ron Williams

Future Characters or Future Dead

Paul Elard Cooley will include the following people as characters/victims in future stories for their donations to
  • Joseph Cartwright (I AM) (fc)
  • Melanie Hoyt (Lark Neville) (fc)
  • James Webb (fc)
  • Brent Caudle
  • Shirley Bruce (fc)
  • Hazel Wachtman (ncsebm)
  • Jeanine Carbonaro (T9)
  • Sam Dickerson (T9)
  • Skye Wachtman
  • Nathaniel Hartman (nca)
  • Tia Brink (T9)
  • David Sobkowiak (nczSEA)
  • Neil Illing (NCSEO)
  • Shannon Moore  (T9)
  • James Monroig (NCC)
  • Stephane Dumothier (T9)
  • Laura Church (T9)
  • Mildred Cady (T9)
  • Jay Hollngsworth (NCV)
  • Richard Green (T9)
  • Andrew Richardson
  • Mike Beaudry (NCVSE)
  • Richard Mathis (T9)
  • Allyson Burry (t9)
  • John Mierau (T9)
  • Damon Henrichs (T9)
  • Kate Cheevers (phantomreverie) (GCW)
  • Tracy Kawamura (exotikali) (GCW)
  • Jarrod Young (T9)
  • Clay Dugger (NCC)


"Nice, cracker-ass." That's my best guess.

Any idea as to the plural of "Guinness?" Guinnesses? Guinnii? Whatever the fuck it is, I've had 3 of them.


As in i drink Gunnesses or some fucking thing.  3 sounds like a good start.  5 sounds like an evening.  :) 


You can't win Elard - If you strike me down - I shall become more powerful than you could possibly image....

I know who you are

 AND where you live.


que pasa? ncf? nca?

what is this whiteness?


 These annotations are for the FiendMaster's knowledge only.  The reason for  these will become clear in the next few months.  For now, They're just there.


Well, I'd say that FC stands for fiend collection - or more specifically first class fiend collection but what the hell do I know.  I'm still sending you another donation so take that. 

As always

 you are a lovely and kind patron. Thank you, dear. I promise to kill you soon. :)