Garaaga's Children: Ancients Q&A

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Aside from Alma (sp?) and

Aside from Alma (sp?) and Drimesh, we really haven't seen much interaction between Garaaga's children. Are they territorial? If so, what does this mean for Garaaga's followers? Do they give aid to any child of Garaaga or just the one that lives in their vicinity? This last question is a bit off topic, but I have to ask. Is the fiend in Closet Treats one of Garaaga's children, or something else entirely?

It seems that

Garaaga's Children have some control over their inherent natures/abilities. Control that they may or may not be able to maintain though out their life spans. Is there something to be said in that the "Children" can chose to succumb to Garaaga and lavish in their abilities. Or do as Drimesh and subdue it and only use as necessary as he was taught by Alma(sp?) his mother. Drimesh used lapis to protect the ones he fed upon to keep from completely draining their life energy.   I feel there seems to be a sense of freewill in the Children. Behaving in a manner that appears to be contrary to the seeming will or want of Garaaga. I guess what I am trying to say is that even though Garaaga seems to be a malevolent being his Children can choose to a large degree to be benevolent?


Also what of the Seeing Eyes/Hunters/Scouts such as Ra-shim(sp?)? Their ability seems to be accessed in an similar manner as Garaaga's Children. Are these two types of characters related or are they creations of separate entities? And if so, who or what is the other entity? Or is it a human ability similar to a over developed sense of ESP?

Thanks Paul

Is it possible for Garaaga's

Is it possible for Garaaga's children to feed off of other emotions besides lust?


I would like to know more about Garaaga itself : its origin and way of propagating and goal in life or death. :)


Garaaga itself

 So we know that Garaaga is an intensly sexual creature, but he seems to engage in these behaviors only by proxie.  Even his children aren't really his children directly. Is there something keeping Garaaga away from the direct and personal interactions?  What is Garaaga getting from these interactions besides sexual gratification?


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