The Dead Robots' Society--An Argument For Self-Publishing

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Terry, Justin and I rant and rave about pros and cons of self versus traditional publishing.

The Dead Robots' Society--Writin' 2--Podcast Boogaloo

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Justin, Terry, and I discuss the art of writing prequels and sequels.

The Dead Robots' Society: Space City Con 2013 Drunk Cast

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Be afraid. Be VERY afraid!

The Dead Robots' Society--For Love or Money

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This week Terry, Justin, and I talk about writing for the market or writing for yourself.

The Dead Robots' Society Gets Genderfied

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Justin, Terry, Lauren "Scribe" Harris, and the Fiendmaster discuss writing "the other."

Dead Robots' Society-- A Matter of Perspective

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Well, it's official. The FiendMaster has joined The Dead Robots' Society as an official co-host. Or co-fiend. Or whatever. Anyway, we talk about writing points of view, tense, and a smattering of gibes about how NOT to start as a co-host.


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