Balticon47--Historically Uncompromised

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Panel from Balticon 47 on the subject of writing historical fiction. Enjoy!

Dead Robots' Society--Live from Balticon 47

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Authors Michell Plested and Veronica Giguere joined me for a live Dead Robots' Society panel at Balticon 47. We discuss...SUPERHEROES! Give a listen and be sure and check out their work.

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Balticon Schedule

 All right, Fiendlings. Here's my "tentative" panel schedule. I say "tentative" because I'm certain there will be adjustments. There always are...


Date/Time Panel Location Description
Friday 1600 (4pm) Podcasting 101 Chesapeake Podcasters tell you how to get started.
Friday 1800 (6pm) Historically Uncompromised Salon B Discussion of using history in genre fiction
Friday 2100 (9pm) Never Have I Ever!  Chesapeake Writers are called out on their tricks. Or feaux pas. 
Saturday 1000 (10am) ePublishing Chesapeake Ins and outs of ePublishing 
Saturday 1100 (11am) Book Signing Maryland Foyer Duh. Bring a book. Buy a book. Get it signed. 
Saturday 2000 (8pm) Book Release Party Chesapeake Bring a toga, dammit. Sex and violence karaoke 
Saturday 2100 (9pm) Macabre Allure Chase Why do we like the scary stuff?
Saturday 2200(10pm) DRS Podcast Derby Live DRS With Justin. 
Sunday 0900 (9am) It's All In Your Head Parlor 3401 Writing psychological horror 
Sunday 1900 (7pm) MyWrite Demonstration Chesapeake Demo of MyWrite App 
Sunday 2000 (8pm) From Page To Pod Derby How to turn your story into a podcast 
Sunday 2200 (10pm) Reading Pimlico Reading of 2nd half of Marker. Bring a toga, bitches. 


2012 Balticon Reading of "Marker"

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Fiendlings! Please find enclosed 30 mins of insanity. Oh, and you're welcome.

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Balticon 2012 Schedule

Well, Fiendlings,





E-Publish or DIE

How to dominate the existing and emerging electronic marketplaces. Complete with horror stories and pitfalls others have made that you can avoid.

Friday, 1700


Late night Media Meet and Greet

Glomp and squee over all your favorite New Media personalities as we judiciously round them up into one location with a tiny bottle neck cutting off all hope of their escape.

Friday, 2300


Podcast Editing

Learning to properly edit a podcast so you don't sound like a home studio. The basics of audio editing for a podcast that you should know.

Saturday, 0900


Publisher Non-Grata

Why authors are succeeding without a publisher of any size behind them.

Saturday, 1100


GFL Expansion, The Side Stories of Siglerism

Join Dark Øverlord Media and a panel of writers who have contributed stories to the Siglerverse as they discuss interweav- ing new stories, perspectives and characters into an already extant universe. How is it when creative ideas clash? Is the sky the limit, or are there limitations. And how much information does one need to jump in and create inside someone else's creation?

Saturday, 1900


The Grindstone Podcast Live

The Grindstone is a podcast put out by Flying Island Press's psy- chological horror e-zine Abattoir. Join us in an un-dead edition as we talk about what scares us, why what passes for horror in today's movies and books disappoint us, and anything else that crosses our evil little minds.

Saturday, 2000


The line between horror and paranormal fiction, and does it matter?

What differentiates paranormal fiction from horror? Is it important to make a distinction between the two? Why or why not?


Garden Room


I'll sign whatever you want. Breasts, arms, books, e-books, whatever you like


Maryland Ballroom foyer

Podcasting 101

The basics of getting started; what to do, what not to do



You Got Your Horror in My Fantasy!

Psychological horror as fantasy exploration






Chase Room

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Plan

Join the always-fun last panel of the New Media track to see how our stalwart panelists plan to survive the impending zombie apocalypse. Just remember, they don’t need to outrun the zombies, they only need to outrun you (and you don’t run so fast after being kicked in the knee).




It Came From Balticon--Zombie Survival Plans Critiqued

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For those of you who couldn't attend Balticon, or weren't able to attend the panel, Arioch Morningstar recorded the Zombie Survival Plan panel and handed it over to the FiendMaster.

Dr. John Cmar, the syphilis man himself, moderated the panel. A good time was had by all, I think.

So take a listen and enjoy!

ps: Thanks for sharing the audio, Arioch!


Balticon Schedule

Friday May 27th

5:00 PM, Salon B, The Singularity and Eschaton

6:30 PM, Pimlico Room, Paul Elard Cooley — Reading


Saturday May 28th

4:00 PM, Maryland Foyer-- Autograph Signing

5:00 PM, Derby Room, No One is Going to Pay for Your Podcast

7:00 PM, Parlor 1041, Which Comes First: Character or Setting?


Sunday May 29th

10:00 AM, Salon B, Writer Beware

6:00 PM, Derby Room, Tech for Writers


Monday, May 30, 2011

10:00 AM, Belmont, The Line Between Horror and Paranormal Fiction

11:00 AM, Derby Room, Is There a Line: Writing Offensive Topics

12 Noon, Derby Room, Zombie Survival Plan: Have You Got Yours?



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