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And the confusion begins...

This site is more or less intended to be the ultimate replacement for the previous podcast site. Alas, until I get more things up and running here, and manage to transition the other, I'm going to have things in two places. So you'll just have to deal with it for now... For the old "blog" please go here. I'm going to be putting together wimpy buttons for in place podcast plays for here, but I'd like to first get this thing out here for a test drive. Feel free to register. I'll get some forum topics going as well just so people can feel a little more "included" in things. If you have comments, please please please let me know. You can email me or leave comments on this entry. Cheers.

Welcome to

Welcome to Shadow Publications, the home for my fiction. If you have been redirected here from the previous blog/podcast site, you should update your bookmarks for this site. This will ultimately be the home for all the content, although you're going to have to bear with me while I get some things straightened out. I haven't quite figured out what all I'm going to do with the previous content or how I'm going to do the feeds, but I'll let you know when I get it figured out. So for now, keep subscribed to the other feed and I'll be blogging from both sites for now. Sigh. Ugh. If you have comments or suggestions for me, please by all means post them or send me email. Stay tuned. Cheers.
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