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Crescent Release: 2 Days to go

I've been pimping this for a couple of weeks, and I'm just going to keep doing it. Phil Rossi's Crescent is available from on Thursday, July 9th.

This is a badass book. I like to say it's mix between Firefly and Hellraiser/Event Horizon. It's cool mashup of horror and science fiction and is just plain fantastic. Now, it's available for pre-order, BUT DON'T FUCKING ORDER IT YET! Order it on July 9th, dammit.

Here's the reason why. The book is not going to be available in book stores. Therefore, the only way to really push the book is to order it on July 9th and ensure that it reaches the top position on's sci/fi horror charts. This is what an amazon rush is all about. Slam them with orders. Smack them upside the head. And make damned sure big publishing understands: PODCAST FICTION WORKS FOR GETTING FANS TO BUY MOTHER-FUCKIN' BOOKS!

It's worked for Scott Sigler. It's worked for Seth Harwood. Let's make it work for Phil Rossi. Get this fantastic book on July 9th from

Listen to my latest podcast for the promo.


James Melzer Interview with Seth Harwood

James Melzer, author of The Zombie Chronicles, interviews my boy Seth Harwood about Jack Wakes Up, the publishing industry, book research, and general insanity.

Go check it out!

Holding off on "Worship"

I have finally made a decision, dammit. Here's the deal. Since I'm launching the "Garaaga's Children" series of stories right before DragonCon, I've decided to cease podcasting them. I know that last month I promised "Worship" would be the next story, but I think it's better to hold off. There's going to be a massive relaunch of the site since I'm going to switch hosting providers and my rss feed is more than likely to go to hell in a handbag. Therefore, I don't want to start the series until all that is taken care of. Hopefully I'll get all this done before August. "Cash For Corpses" will be the next story to be podcast. In addition, I'm trying to get "Tattoo" going so I can podcast the first episode of it. I'm fairly sure this is going to be at least a 10k story. Imagine that. So that's the deal. That's where things are going. I still have a TON of work to do on getting the Seth Harwood pub crawl audio edited. Some of it is VERY funny and other parts are just...well...drunk people babbling. So I'll cut out the mundane bits and mix the rest of the hilarity and poignant conversation together. But I do have some GREAT blackmail material on Seth. Don't worry, Seth. All controversial audio snippets will be returned to you after you play my promo. I'll put out a cast this weekend. Enjoy the 4th!

Special Treat: Seth Harwood Reading from Murder By The Book

Saturday, June 27th, Seth Harwood read at Murder By The Book here in Houston. I managed to get a fairly good recording of the reading itself. I was very pleased to have the chance to hear Seth read from his book Jack Wakes Up which you should get copy of if you don't already have one.

Take a listen to Seth. There's going to be audio from the resulting pub crawl later on in the next week...

Seth Harwood:
Murder By The Book:
Music provided by Blood and Batteries.

Promo Ideas?

I need some help, folks. If you've listened to my podcast and you're familiar with my fiction, please chime in. I need to put together a new promo for the site. I believe I'm going to go with my Fiends for the theme. But I need some ideas on how to couch it. So if you have ideas, lemme know. If you haven't listened to the podcast, click the podcast on the left hand side, search for "Paul Elard Cooley" in iTunes, or grab the rss feed here. Cheers and thanks for your support.
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