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Fiends--Series Cast And Intro

Welcome to the Fiends Collection. This episode is just an introduction to the collection, a little bit about me as well as a bit of an apology to my current audience. Episode


Here it is, ladies and gentlemen, the promo for Fiends. Give it a listen. Give it a spin. Share it. Podcast it. Scream it from the castle walls. Register on the site. Give me feedback. And thank you for giving me a try. Cheers.

Rant--The Death Of Childhood

A long time ago, in a suburb far far away, there was an elementary school called Greenwood Forest Elementary. It served children between kindergarten and 5th grade with great teachers, horrid bullies, and spoiled children. Well, I was spoiled. So were a lot of my classmates. Trust me, you know who you are.

In this suburb that seems so far away to me now, I remember the bell would ring in the late afternoon and all of us tykes, in all our different age groups, would practically run through the playground's various metal webs, bars, barrels, and contraptions, through the copse of too tall pines, and to that mystical van covered with pictures of various ice cream bars, sandwiches and tasty candy treats.


My friend Omer took this shot on his trip to California. I love this. Pretty much sums up my view on the OS wars...

Andrew Richardson's New Tune

Okay, had to share this. My buddy Andrew Richardson, the narrator of Canvas, has created yet another tune. Because of the subject matter, he's hoping CarTalk will run with it. Check it out. It's pretty cool.
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