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Dragon*Con Wrapup

Just a quick wrapup for all the terrible things that occurred at Dragon*Con.

Dragon*Con +2

A hungover rambling reminiscence.

Correction to statement made in post:
The wallet sized DragonCon schedule is 83 pages long and not 32 as stated...

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Dragon*Con -1

Do you remember high school? I mean, do you remember "those" people? The ones who always talked about Star Wars, collected "Action Figures," played D&D relentlessly and wouldn't shut the hell up about it? Yeah, I'm trapped with THOSE people. Guess what, I am one of those people. I've seen some pretty strange things today. There was a group of slave Princess Leias (from Return of the Jedi) who were carousing amongst the Dr. Who look-alikes, the storm troopers, the Robot Chicken Dr. (with the robot chicken), as well as pilots from the new BSG, old BSG, Babylon 5, Dark Helmet (Space Balls) and general steam punk lookin' folk. The reason I bring up the "leias" is because one of them, the least slender of the group, had a wardrobe malfunction. Yeah, the skimpy little "cape" in the back that covers the crack of the ass came undone. I also believe her metal bikini came undone as well. So there I am, sitting above it all with a Crown and Coke in my hand, watching as a large group of people (many on their 80th drink) stood around, watching as the other slave girls tried to help the buxom one fix her outfit. Some were taking pictures of the woman losing her bikini. Some were laughing and pointing. Some looked rather chagrined. Others were honestly trying to help. This little "malfunction" gave a little insight into what's going on at this con. There are the relatively "normal" people who are there mainly to pretend for a weekend they ARE actually geeks and nerds. There are the ones who KNOW they are and just plain don't give a shit. There are the ones who just want to play dress up for a while and have fun. And there are those who just want to get William Fucking Shatner's autograph. We had dinner at Bennihana's near our hotel. The people we ended up sitting next to work with White Wolf Games and publish horror as well. We had a VERY interesting conversation, especially since of them does podcast. It was quite fortuitous to say the least. Yeah, the wife had to move over so I could talk to these people without breaking my neck and talking over her. Sigh. I met with John Pavlich and the rest of the Seth Harwood reading tour crew. As always, this was a damned good time. Meeting other podcasters and talking shop is always a great thing for me. I run into very few writers, but I do occasionally meet with some great folks. And some of them are actually interested in helping me grow my audience. I handed out at least 20 cards today. That's a start. I've got several sitting in my backpack. Those will be dealt with once this con is over. I'd planned on podcasting tonight, but the wife and B-man are crashed and I'd disturb them. So I'm going to just blog tonight. If I can, I'm going to try and do a podcast tomorrow morning before the insanity of the con begins. But no guarantee. This place is crazy. And I've been promised I ain't seen nuthin' yet. I'm looking forward to it. Cheers.

Rant-- The Layoff Rant

Yup, here it is. Nasty. Horrible. It's a rant. Keep your kids away from this one...

Due to advice from legal, this rant will be offline for at least 90 days

Fiends: "Tattoo" Novella Promo

I've been tinkering with this promo for a while, and I think I finally have to liberate it. Please grab, torture friends with and get excited. I think this story is badass and it's coming to an mp3 player near you real soon...


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