The Gates of Hell

We've often heard the phrase "The Gates of Hell," but did you know the Greeks and Romans actually located it? Not only that, but built an acropolis around it?

A recent discovery in Turkey uncovered the legendary site of the "Gates of Hell." When it was discovered by the ancient Greeks and Romans, certain philosophers tested the legend by tossing doves over the gas vent. The doves flew into the air, encountered the vapors emanating from the vent, and dropped dead. Why? Because the vent spews an extremely high concentration of Carbon Dioxide.

But imagine if you had no knowledge of science and saw wild animals expire when they got near a hole in the earth. How would you rationalize it? This is yet another example of how a kernel of truth spawns a legend. Ancient humans didn't understand all that they saw and experienced in their lives. Legends and stories often grow out of the need to explain the inexplicable.

The "Gates of Hell" is just another example of how a legend can be tracked back to an actual fact and then studied to determine what gave birth to the legend. In this case? Mystery solved.

New Discoveries in Ur?

The world is a strange place, folks. When I was writing "Keepers," a Sanskrit text was discovered that might be one of the eldest ever recovered. While writing "Scrolls," new information regarding the Library of Alexandria was mentioned in the news. And now? As Ama goes to the editor and right before Garaaga's Children: Ancients is released, they discover what appears to be a new building in Ur. Yup, can't make this shit up, folks. Garaaga's Children just keeps surprising me, as does how much of our past we are still recovering.

Garaaga Poetry

 Because I have loyal and talented fiendlings, I must showcase some of their creative endeavors.

The lovely and talented Kate Sherrod produced this sonnet in worship of Garaaga. Garaaga was NOT amused.

In the near future, I might have to let Garaaga's response flood the podwaves. Regardless, there WILL be consequences.

Reggie has some competition...

Many of you have accused me of being a sick bastard for what I've done to your memories of muppets and The Ice Cream Man. Between "The Street" series and "Closet Treats," I've destroyed much of your childhoods. And I'll continue to do so. But dammit, no matter how hard I try someone keeps one-upping me. Don't believe this? Then check this link out. I've NEVER seen creepier easter bunnies. *shiver* Be very very afraid.


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In today's infocast, I tell you all about the preorder, what you're going to get for your $35.00, and engage in atrocious pro-Garaaga propaganda.

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