Dead Robots' Society--Live from Balticon 47

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Authors Michell Plested and Veronica Giguere joined me for a live Dead Robots' Society panel at Balticon 47. We discuss...SUPERHEROES! Give a listen and be sure and check out their work.

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Balticon Schedule

 All right, Fiendlings. Here's my "tentative" panel schedule. I say "tentative" because I'm certain there will be adjustments. There always are...


Date/Time Panel Location Description
Friday 1600 (4pm) Podcasting 101 Chesapeake Podcasters tell you how to get started.
Friday 1800 (6pm) Historically Uncompromised Salon B Discussion of using history in genre fiction
Friday 2100 (9pm) Never Have I Ever!  Chesapeake Writers are called out on their tricks. Or feaux pas. 
Saturday 1000 (10am) ePublishing Chesapeake Ins and outs of ePublishing 
Saturday 1100 (11am) Book Signing Maryland Foyer Duh. Bring a book. Buy a book. Get it signed. 
Saturday 2000 (8pm) Book Release Party Chesapeake Bring a toga, dammit. Sex and violence karaoke 
Saturday 2100 (9pm) Macabre Allure Chase Why do we like the scary stuff?
Saturday 2200(10pm) DRS Podcast Derby Live DRS With Justin. 
Sunday 0900 (9am) It's All In Your Head Parlor 3401 Writing psychological horror 
Sunday 1900 (7pm) MyWrite Demonstration Chesapeake Demo of MyWrite App 
Sunday 2000 (8pm) From Page To Pod Derby How to turn your story into a podcast 
Sunday 2200 (10pm) Reading Pimlico Reading of 2nd half of Marker. Bring a toga, bitches. 


The Dead Robots' Society--Free Podcast or Paid Audiobook

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This week, Terry and I discuss what it takes to podcast your fiction as well as create audiobooks for sale. Not only that, but how to make the choice between the two.

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