I am a writer of horror, supernatural, and, well, other types of fiction. Most of my stories are rather difficult to classify. Shadowpublications.com presents stories every month (when possible) with rants and ramblings at least once a week. The non-fiction "rants" consist of discussions regarding writing fiction, developing software, as well as filleting the banality of every day life.

Fiction has been my hobby since I was a teenager and led me to get a degree in English from Colorado State University. I somehow managed to get a short story grant from that school, as well as a completely shot liver. 

In addition to being a ravenous reader of all genres (except romance), I spend much of my time (and money) listening to various types of music. So if you have a band, and you think perhaps your music might fit well as a soundtrack for some of my stories, please let me know. Horror and urban fantasy always seems to require Velvet Acid Christ, Front Line Assembly, or Skinny Puppy. Although I've been known to write some pretty dark stuff while listening to the freakin' Indigo Girls. Yeah, I know. Eclectic.

Feel free to follow me on twitter, email me, join my Shadow Fans Facebook group, or add comments on the blog and forums. I promise to do my best to deal with your abuse, death threats, and the occasional kind word.